Introducing OPURA, a revolutionary way of cleaning and sanitizing without the use of dangerous chemicals or cleaners!OPURA™ has been proven safe and effective in eradicating bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold sporesand other potential hazards commonly found on medical devices and instruments, hands, cutting boards, utensils, and other devices that must be cleaned and sterilized.

This environmentally friendly invention does not produce toxic fumes or pollutants but produces useful ozone gas from the air and dissolves it into the water supply from your faucet to produce ozonated water. When the ozonated water comes into contact with bacteria, mould, fungi or other pathogens the ozone attacks them, wiping out dangerous contaminants.

Features of OPURA™

  • Patented fully automatic activator sensor - produces ozone only when water is flowing.
  • Light indicator gauge - shows ozone production and watr flow.
  • Variable ozone density regulator - choose from 5 levels of ozone production. From 50 mg/hr to 250 mg/h depending on your soil and bacterial load requirements.
  • Advanced microcomputer - regulates and controls production of ozone produced and density of ozone dissolved into the water.
  • Automatic shut-off - shuts off production of ozone after 10 continuous minutes of use. Avoids excessive ozone production. Resets automatically.
  • Patenting mixing aerator - ensures that ozone produced is efficiently dissolved into the water flow.
  • Mounts to existing faucets without tools - simply replace the existing aerator and connect. Includes adaptors for different types of faucets - even for non-threaded commercial faucets! Attaches in minutes.
  • Low voltage - Powered by a 12V DC converter. Energy efficient. Automatically adapts to 110V/60mhz or 220V/50mhz as required.
  • Ozone is most effective when used with cold water, saving money on heating costs.
  • Beautiful, compact design mounts on wall with screws, velcro tape or nail (all included as part of package).


Sterilization Effectiveness

Aqueous ozone produced by OPURA™ is a highly effective method of eradicating bacteria, fungi, moulds and other pathogens. After only 10 seconds of exposure to aqueous ozone produced by OPURA™, independant laboratory tests have yielded the following results:

BacteriaSeconds ExposureReduction PercentageReduction Logarithms
Clostridium Difficile
(C. difficile)
10 seconds 99.904 3.0177
20 seconds 99.9414 3.2323  
30 seconds 99.9854 3.8365  
Eserichia Coli
(E. Coli)
10 seconds 99.9995 5.3274
20 seconds 99.9995 5.3274  
30 seconds 99.9995 5.3274  
Salmonella Thyphimuruium 10 seconds 99.9982 4.7403
20 seconds 99.9991 5.0414  
30 seconds 99.9991 5.0414  
Staphylococcus Aureas 10 seconds 99.9985 4.8129
20 seconds 99.9997 5.5188  
30 seconds 99.9997 5.5188  


Uses of OPURA™

Clean & Sterilize Cutting Boards

One of the largest causes of bacterial cross-contamination is the use of improperly cleaned cutting boards, a paradise on which colonies of bacteria will live and grow. Improperly cleaned boards, particulary older surfaces where grooves, cuts and other depressions make proper cleaning difficult, are particulary dangerous. Washing in ozonated water, along with standard cleaning products, greatly reduces the risks of transmitting germs and other pathogens via an improperly cleaned and sanitized surface. Ozone removes mould, mildew, bacteria and other pathogens that soap may have missed.

Water Purification

Ozone purifies water by destroying all bacterium, including trace levels of e.Coli and other pathogens, stabilizes chlorine residues and bonds to heavy metal ions negating their effect. Ozone has the additional benefit of eliminating all unpleasant smells. Ozonating water is commonly used by water purification companies and is the standard for purifying potable water in Europe.

Food Sterilization

Bacteria thrive on raw meat, fish and chicken. Even seemingly "fresh" product can already be harboring millions of bacteria. When rinsed in ozonated water all bacteria and other pathogens are killed leaving food safer.

Remove Residual Pesticides

Protect yourself and others by maintaining proper hygiene. Proper handwashing can prevent and limit the spread of colds and infections. Use ozonated water along with your regular soap to create an ultimate layer of defense against germs.

Hand Washing

Even if standard insect control procedures are followed by growers fruits and vegetables may still have trace amounts of pesticides on their surface. Known carcinogens, pesticides should be removed as much as possible from fruits and vegetables before use. Washing produce in ozonated water has been proven to be an effective means of significantly reducing residual pesticide levels. Since ozone is a naturally occuring substance and reverts back to oxygen within minutes it does not leave any residue.

Hospitals, Clinics

Protect patients and staff by maintaining proper hand washing procedures.  Proper hand washing can prevent the spread of infectious disease. Use ozonated water in conjunction with standard hand washing protocols to create an effective defence against germs.  Use in scrub rooms, nurses stations, food preparation areas and patient rooms.

Dental Practices

Repeated hand washing can lead to dermatitis and reduce the effectiveness of hand washing.  Use OPURA’s supercharged ozonated water to rinse hands and eliminate the risk of bacterial, viral and fungal transmission.  Place OPURA in x-ray development rooms and in instrument sanitizing areas as well as operatories.  Many dentist and denturists also use OPURA’s ozonated water to rinse prosthetics before working to kill bacteria and reduce the spread of airborne germs from grinding or other work.  Also rinse prosthetics before inserting into patients mouths.

Eldercare facilities

Elderly patients whose immune systems are weak or compromised are more susceptible to risk of infection.  OPURA, used with proper hand washing regiments, will increase the effectiveness of infectious disease control.   OPURA’s supercharged water can be used in food preparation areas, paramedical wash stations and in patient’s rooms.  OPURA’s ozonated water can also be used to remove stains from rugs and upholstery and eliminate odors.

Childcare facilities

Childcare factilties can benefit from the use of OPURA by using its supercharged water to rinse toys to remove bacteria and viruses, to clean food preparation utensils and areas and to aid in hand washing for staff and children.

Sterilize Utensils

Salmonella, E. Coli and other pathogens can be easily transmitted through improperly cleaned utensils such as knives, dishes, cutlery, pots & pans and other devices or through boards and other preparation surfaces that have come into contact with meat, fish or chicken. Can you afford to take the chance of cross-contamination?

Product Specifications

Model OP-1107
Colour White / Silver
Dimensions 6(L) x 4.5(W) x 3(H) in.
Weight 14oz
Power Supply DC 12V adapter, AC 100~250V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 6W
Ozone Production Variable 50/75/100/125/150 mg/hr
Dissolved Ozone Concentration 0.14ppm - 0.5ppm
Certification ISO9001:2000 CE / UL Approved

Simple Installation

Mount the ozone generator onto the wall with the provided velcro tape, screws or nail. OPURA can also be placed onto the counter top and must be placed higher than the faucet to ensure proper flow of ozone gas produced. Connect the silica tube to the ozone generator. Replace the faucet's original aerator with the provided air diffuser adaptor and connect the silica tube. Use the cable ties provided secure the silica tube to the spout. Press and hold the POWER button down until the indicator lights and the unit beeps to indicate that it has started. This device self-adjusts ozone production relative to water flow to ensure proper concentrations. It will remain in standby mode when the water flow is off. Change density settings by pressing the POWER button and toggling tovarious settings. For complete information please visit us at www.opura.ca

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