EcoTex™ Documents and Certifications

Introduction to EcoTex and Laundry | Download
EcoTex™ Bifold | Download
How EcoTex Works | Download
Peer Reviewed Ozone in the Laundry Industry - Case Study | Download
Apple Farm Inn - EcoTex™ Laundry System - Case Study | Download
MRSA "Superbug" not ozone resistant - IOA Study | Download
Nursing Home in NY Cuts Costs Using Ozone Laundry System | Download
Latest Technology Keeps Care Home Bedding Bug-Free | Download
Turning Tables on Infection | Download
Does Ozone Laundry Really Work? | Download
Green Washing, The Good Kinds | Download
Ozone Laundry - Safety Issues | Download
Whiter Whites... Brighter Brights: Increase Bottom Line with Ozone | Download
Ozone Finding its Place Within the OPL Industry | Download
EcoTex Scores at OPL in Quebec | Download
Laundry Notable Installations | Download
ZAP - Portable Room Air Purifier | Download