About Us

Canadian Green Solutions Inc.™ stands as a premier purveyor of cutting-edge LED lighting solutions across the region. At the heart of our operations lies a steadfast commitment to pioneering environmentally sustainable practices, particularly through the widespread adoption of LED lighting for public spaces. 

As dedicated professionals, we prioritize public health, safety, and environmental preservation. Our overarching objective is to elevate societal well-being by furnishing communities with the most advanced LED lighting technologies available.

VISION : Our vision is to empower both citizens and governmental bodies to embrace clean and green technologies, thereby fostering a healthier lifestyle and safeguarding our precious planet Earth.

MISSION : Our mission is to champion public health initiatives by spearheading the integration of innovative clean and green technologies that serve to protect and preserve the environment.

Applications & Potential Uses

Perfect for high volume usage or for places with high traffic, such as hotels, casinos, airports and schools.

Trigger Spray Unit - Bottom


Applications & Potential Uses

Use the Trigger Spray Unit to clean and sanitize furniture tops, fixtures, mirrors, telephones and coffee units. Deodorizes drapes, bed linens and comforters. Safely removes stains from carpet, upholstery, and other water safe fabrics. Cleans and sanitizes bathroom fixtures including shower grouting and toilet bowls, Use also in the spa, gym, dining facility and public areas including restrooms without rinsing.