About Us

Canadian Green Solutions Inc.™ a Canadian company with a head office in Vancouver and offices in the Middle East is a premier provider of Clean & Green Solutions in the realm of public health. 

Our passion for enhancing and advancing public health, while preserving the environment, drives us to present the most advanced technological devices of developed countries to the Middle East.

We are professionals concerned with public health, promoting safety and protecting the environment. Our main goal is to raise the living standards of people in the Middle East and to achieve this goal we are committed to providing the best technologies available.

OUR VISION : To Empower citizens and governments to utilize Clean and Green technologies to promote a healthier lifestyle while protecting our planet Earth.

OUR MISSION : Advancing public health by introducing innovative Clean and Green technologies that protect environment.

Applications & Potential Uses

Perfect for high volume usage or for places with high traffic, such as hotels, casinos, airports and schools.

Trigger Spray Unit - Bottom


Applications & Potential Uses

Use the Trigger Spray Unit to clean and sanitize furniture tops, fixtures, mirrors, telephones and coffee units. Deodorizes drapes, bed linens and comforters. Safely removes stains from carpet, upholstery, and other water safe fabrics. Cleans and sanitizes bathroom fixtures including shower grouting and toilet bowls, Use also in the spa, gym, dining facility and public areas including restrooms without rinsing.